Institute of Highway Safety. Virginia, USA.

When the Institute of Highway Safety decided to build a new test site in Virginia they secured the services Roberto Muñoz and Horacio Lopez with Dunn Lightweight Architecture for their new facility.  The project required a large area free of intermediate supports for vehicular testing; this was accomplished with steel trusses that span 300 feet for a total covered area of 192,000 square feet.

This project was designed and managed by Marco Cano.

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility. Mahattan Kansas. USA.

Developed for the Department of Homeland Security, the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) replaces the existing Plum Island Animal Disease Center in New York.  Because of it location NBAF was designed to withstand tornado wind forces and debris while maintaining containment of the facility.  It also included provisions to prevent progressive collapse.  The architectural design was performed by Perkins+Will.

Marco Cano was part of the team that designed NBAF working at Haynes Whaley Associates.