Structural Engineering

New Construction

We have extensive experience in the design of new buildings; Our engineers have successfully managed projects in a wide variety of industries in reinforced concrete, structural steel and wood. We are adept at coordinating with other disciplines to bring a project to completion.  We invite you to browse our projects to see our experience.

Membrane Structures

In addition to all of the services provided by our firm we also offer the unique expertise of membrane structures.  Membrane structures are extremely efficient structures that are often used to cover large spaces without intermediate supports like stadiums and arenas.  Because of their light weight they are also used to retrofit existing structures or buildings due to their minimal impact on the existing structure.  Finally, they are also used as canopies, either at building entrances or standalone. 

Structural Review of Existing Buildings

New tenants will often require a structural review of the space they are about to occupy to ensure the adequacy structure for their specific needs. Fractal provides this service and will also provide recommendations should the structure prove deficient.

Peer Review

New buildings often times require a peer review either to ensure adequate design or to optimize construction costs; at Fractal peer reviews provide a project an opportunity to improve.